Bydgoszcz is one of the largest cities in Poland with population exceeding 350,000 people.
It is a big economic, cultural, academic, medical, military and sports centre. It has the International Airport and a river port.
Bydgoszcz Waterways combines Western Europe and Eastern Europe waterways. Bydgoszcz is situated in the centre-north part of Poland with direct connections with London, Birmingham, Glasgow or Dublin.
Bydgoszcz is a city of diversified industry and service, where a lot of domestic and foreign companies have their headquarters.

So why Bydgoszcz?

Regardless the reason you go for to Bydgoszcz, the city has something to offer to everyone. The city is a centre of music culture. There is a concert hall famous for the acoustics and a modern opera. Bydgoszcz is a popular tourist destination.
The Old Town is located in the meanders of the river Brda, which makes it a very attractive area in the city. The Old Town and downtown are full of historic layout and architectural monuments such as churches, granaries, public buildings.
There are several museums and cultural facilities in the city, which attract the audience due to the number of festivals, concerts and other events taking place in Bydgoszcz.
The attractiveness of Bydgoszcz is strongly related to the river, monuments and green spaces. Nature is the great advantage of the city. There is a lot of parks and the river channels makes the city look fantastic. The Bydgoszcz Channel is a place of all the important events in the city. The Mill Island is the centre of all cultural activities.
Bydgoszcz is called the Polish Amsterdam. Its huge attraction is the water tramp operating in the summer, offering a trip along the Brda river. This is a great opportunity to fully appreciate the city and its uniqueness. Bydgoszcz is also a place with plenty pubs, cinemas, sport events, restaurants and entertainment centres, so it is very difficult to get bored in the Polish Amsterdam.

“The Must See List”

  • The Old Town and the downtown

  • City Walls

  • Bydgoszcz water channelMaltese Baths

  • Churches and theatres

  • The Mill Island

  • Military objects

  • The Museum of Pharmacy

  • The Museum of Photography

  • Fordon Town, now a part of Bydgoszcz