You definitely made a good choice if you decided to visit Gdansk.
Gdansk is one of the oldest Polish cities, with over a thousand year old history. It is situated at the Gdansk Bay.
In terms of population it is the sixth biggest city in the country with over 450,000 inhabitants. It is also an important cultural, economic and political centre with many institutions and 15 colleges and universities.
Gdansk has a very good road, sea and air connection with the rest of Europe. It offers flights to London, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Edinburgh and many more.
Gdansk is considered to had been the starting point of World War II at Westerplatte and the initiation of the communism collapse in Central Europe.

So why Gdansk?

The downtown is the most representative part of Gdansk where most of the monuments are. This is not the old town, with which it is often confused.
Most of the places worth seeing in the area are located along the Royal Route, which consists of Long Street and Long Market. It is definitely worth visiting the Main Town Hall with 83 meter tower which houses a branch of The National Museum - Gdansk Historical Museum.
It is also worth seeing St. Mary's Church, the largest, brick built church in the world. There are many other tourist attractions such as the Neptune Fountain, a bronze made sculpture where all the tourists take photos.
Another one is the unique torture chamber or the armoury.
If you visit the city with your family and children Oliwa Zoo is he place where you need to go. You can enjoy there amazing exotic creatures and many other attractions.
Oliwa is also a beautiful park, which is distinguished by an amazing wealth of wildlife such as different kinds of trees, flocks of wild ducks and swans. But Gdansk is also a fun city with plenty good restaurants, pubs and clubs.
It is a student city, so you will enjoy great night life over there. Gdansk was also one of the host cities for Euro 2012. PGE Arena is on of the most modern stadiums in Poland and probably in Europe as well. On a regular daily basis Lechia Gdansk is the team playing their games there.

“The Must See List”

  • The Old Town

  • The Royal Chapel

  • St. John's Church

  • The Golden Gate

  • Town Hall

  • The tower Crane

  • The National Maritime Museum

  • PGE Arena

  • Oliwa Zoo