Katowice is truly a one of a kind city in Poland. It is the capital of the geographical and administration region called Gorny Slask /Upper Silesia/ with population exceeding 300,000 people.
It is also the main city of the biggest heavy industry in Poland where the coal mines are located. The whole urban area consists of over 20 large cities with over 2,000,000 people.
It is situated in southern part of Poland with great communication with the rest of the country and Europe. The airport operates flights to London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol or Dublin.
Katowice is also a place where lots of business and companies are situated.

So why Katowice?

Recently Katowice transformed from a grim, industrial city to a thriving metropolis, a cultural centre and tourist destination. Old windows, mines and factory buildings have been adapted for a cultural facility and housing estates to attract tourists seeking to learn the history of the Upper Silesian industry. Katowice is one of the youngest Polish cities, formed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century as a result of the connection of individual workers' settlements and villages.
The capital of Upper Silesia is also one of the most vibrant cultural centres in Poland. One of the biggest event halls in Poland, Spodek, holds dozens of concerts and sport events every year.
Although heavy mining industry is the first association with Katowice, this place has a lot to offer regarding cultural aspects like Rawa Blues Festival or The Silesian Theatre, one of the best institutions in the country, working with a number of excellent Polish and international theatre scenes.
In Katowice you can also find the building of the Silesian Parliament, the only lands parliament in Poland. Upper Silesia is in the process of gaining more autonomy from the Polish government since culturally and historically it is different to the rest of the country and people living in Silesia consider themselves to be a different nation.
There are no violence acts nor demonstrations connected with this separation process. Upper Silesia is attractive for sport as well. “Spodek” is a place where biggest sporting events are organized and football has a strong representative in Polish league, although Katowice club in not playing in the Premier League. Katowice is the city which offers good fun in clubs, pubs, restaurants. There is simply always something to do.

“The Must See List”

  • “Spodek” sport hall

  • Coal mines

  • Parachuting Tower

  • Dinoland Park, a great amusement for the whole family

  • Bledkowska Desert, the only desert in this part of continent

  • Church and theatre buildings