Pictures of Kolobrzeg


Kolobrzeg is one of the most picturesque towns in Western Pomerania with over thousand years of tradition. It is situated on both sides of the river Parseta, which runs straight in the salty waters of the Baltic Sea.
From the tourists and patients perspective the main Kolobrzeg attraction is its location at the Baltic Sea. Its micro climate with medicinal properties and beautiful, 4 mile long, white sandy beaches with sea swimming areas are definitely magnets for tourists.
The beaches frequently visited by tourists, are divided into three sections.
All of them are watched by life guards.
West swimming area is 1500 yard long, Central swimming area is 1400 yard long and the East one is 110 yard long.
In 2012 the Health and Safety inspection took samples of sea water.
The results confirmed how clean the water is.
Western Beach: excellent,
Eastern Beach: good
and Central Beach : sufficient.
It is worth mentioning that no chemical nor biological danger has been found in Kolobrzeg beaches.
Clean beaches and health supporting climate have made Kolobrzeg famous seaside resort for nearly 200 years.
Kolobrzeg is a centre for several diseases treatment such as breathing issues, blood and circulation disorders, joint diseases, obesity, diabetes or metabolic disorders.
The northern part of Kolobrzeg stretches along the coast. This is the area where majority of health and holiday resorts and spas are located.
You can also benefit from natural medicine treatment using traditional methods and ingredients as well as modern equipment.
There are 23 open all-year-long health centres. According to statistics, 1 in 3 guests is a foreign visitor.
The main Kolobrzeg attractions is everything associated with relaxation by the sea. Beach areas are full of restaurants, pubs and other premises where we can grab something to eat and relax with friends after a day full of sea adventures.
In the evening we can visit one of many Kolobrzeg discos or go to one of many clubs.
Despite the fact, that Kolobrzeg is full of restaurants offering variety of cuisine from around the world, the tables are dominated by what is most precious to the coast. Tasty and fresh fish, served straight from the sea.
If you like to cook yourself, it's a good idea to go to the fishing port and purchase fresh pieces from fishermen.
In addition there is also a yacht harbour where you can take a boat to travel along the coast and admire the coastal views.