Pictures of Leba


Leba is one of the most popular and most visited tourist destinations on the Polish coast.
It is located in northern Poland, Pomerania Province, in the district of Lebork. What distinguishes it from other coastal towns, is the specific climate and wide sandy beaches with constantly moving dunes.
Leba is surrounded by the Baltic Sea to the north, lake Sarbsko to the east, and lake Lebsko to the north. Between the lake and the sea, the incredibly rare phenomenon Europe wide is present - the moving dunes.
They exist in the Slowinski National Park, which was listed by UNESCO as world's biosphere reserve. Leba's quicksand dunes are visited by nearly 300,000 people every year. The main purpose of those trips is to reach the 100 feet high Mount Lacka, which is considered to be the most attractive of all the dunes in the Slowinski National Park.
From the top you can see the beautiful panorama of Leba's spit, and to the south you can see the beautiful, dead,buried forest.
Leba also has a vast tourist offer abundant in many holiday attractions. You can see there Poland's largest dinosaur park - Leba Park, the famous horse stud, one of the largest rope parks in Poland or butterfly exhibition, where the visitors can see over 3500 butterflies and other insects from all over the world, including world's largest butterfly Attacus Atlas, which is the size of a traditional frying pan.
Vast accommodation possibilities include hotels, guest houses, holiday houses, camping sites, guest rooms, cottages and holiday centres of different standards and prices.
Around the beach, by the promenade, there are many catering options. In this area restaurants, bars and pubs serve regional delicacies, mainly marine fish dishes, but also typical Kashubian specialities, using lakes, forests, fields and meadows wealth. This is a perfect combination of tasty and healthy food.
For outdoor activity enthusiasts, there are many attractions as well, such as sports equipment rental centres, bicycles, tennis courts or indoor swimming pools. Water adventure fans will be happy to find scooters and motor boats rentals or windsurfing and kite surfing school.
In the evening, after a whole day in the sun, the nearby area is waiting for tourists with discos and night clubs. There are many attractions in Leba and the town does not go to sleep early. Staying in Leba is worth recommending to all those who need relax surrounded by unusual moving sand dunes and wide sandy beaches.
A vast day and night offer for tourist is something that Leba is tempting with.