Lodz is the third biggest Polish city with population over 730,000. It is not only situated in the middle of Poland, but in the middle of Europe as well.
It is only about 90 minute drive from Warsaw.
The city airport offers connection with London, Bristol, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Dublin and more.
Although recently the significance of Lodz is not as huge as it used to be, it is still one of the major cities in Poland.
For many decades Lodz had been Polish capital of textile industry, which is still one of the things Lodz is recognized for. Another important role Lodz has is theatre and cinematography education offered by the Film School, which is considered to be the best in Poland.
Because of the number of old textile factories, which are refurbished and reclassified now for luxury residential apartments, Lodz is one of the most popular movie sceneries not only for Polish movies, but for Erupean and American productions as well.
Today Lodz is a city with numerous cultural events and film festivals. It has plenty to offer to its visitors. Museums, architecture, cultural life and history are noticeable advantages of this third biggest city in Poland.

So why Lodz?

Purely because things that can experienced in Lodz can not be seen in any other Polish city.
Piotrkowska Street is Lodz's representative street. One of the longest shopping streets in Europe is approximately 4.2 km long. Initially the street was mostly the communication route, but over time it turned into city's trademark, the centre of entertainment and commerce.
Currently along the longest pedestrian street in Poland you can visit some 100 pubs and restaurants and keep on shopping for the whole day.
Ksiezy Mlyn (Priest's Mill) is a vast, old district, which has survived the difficult times in an almost complete shape, documents the commercial development of Lodz. Its urban layout and architecture was inspired by English industrial towns. Another venue is the “Manufacture”, the centre of culture, entertainment and commerce.
This is a unique for Poland and Europe regeneration project, which combines modern forms and renovated former factory buildings, the example of the nineteenth century architecture. It is one of the most popular venues for festivals, concerts and outdoor events, Factory Museum, Museum of Art, restaurants, more than 300 shops, discos, bowling, climbing wall and cinema. It means there is definitely plenty to do in Lodz, if you decide to go there!

“The Must See List”

  • Piotrkowska Street

  • Manufaktura culture centre

  • Izrael Poznanski Palace

  • Karol Poznanski Palace

  • The Cinematography Museum

  • The Botanic Garden