Lublin is the biggest city in eastern part of Poland. Its population shapes around 350,000 inhabitants.
Lublin is a very attractive place which is quickly developing. It has an airport providing flights to London, Liverpool or Dublin.
During The World War II the German occupiers formed a death camp in Lublin called Majdanek. It is one of the largest concentration camps showing the cruelty of war. It is an essential step on the tourist map of Lublin.

So why Lublin?

Lublin is simply a great place to be and to visit. It is a historical city with rich cultural life and plenty events.
It is a student city with plenty attractions for young people. Definitely the city architecture is worth mentioning.
Krakow Gate the architectural symbol of the city. A cut above the centre separating the Old Town of Krakow Street. It is the main place where Lublin youth arrange their social gatherings. It is also a place full of people playing different music instruments or selling flowers.
One of the most emblematic buildings in Lublin is the castle. It is one of the most specific castles in Poland, and maybe in Europe as well.
The history of the building is really interesting and if you go over there, it should be looked at very closely. It is a controversial place, since some people disagree in calling it a castle. It was built by the Russian Tsar as a prison and never a functioned as the castle.
But Lublin is not only architecture, art and history. There are plenty modern forms of entertainment as well.
5D Cinema Extreme offering all sense sensations. Shopping and Entertainment Centre Lublin Plaza with many shops, restaurants, cinema, and Fantasy Park entertainment centre.
The Magic Park where children can have a lot of fun on playground tube, inflatable maze, soft-play pirate ship, climbing wall, swimming pool, slides tubes makes Lublin a great place for the whole family.
To find some peace and quite it is recommended to go to the Botanic Garden, where approximately 6,500 floral species are gathered.

“The Must See List”

  • Majdanek Camp

  • The Castle

  • The Botanic Garden

  • Krakow Gate

  • The Old Town