Pictures of Mielno


Mielno is located in the Polish Baltic Sea coast centre just 7.5 miles from Koszalin.
The town's major advantage is the nearby Jamno lake.
During summer you can get to Mielno from Koszalin with a rail bus provided by regional transport, with PKS buses as well as with mini buses.
You can also get there with the ship Koszalek from Uniescie or cycle from Koszalin by a well marked bicycle lane.
The most valuable Mielno attraction is a clean, watched by 60 life guards beach surrounded by plenty restaurants, cafes, fish and chips and other catering and shopping venues.
It is worth to have a walk along the atmospheric sea promenade. Recently it has been adjusted with easy access for people using wheelchairs or families with children.
The town itself is full of discos, pubs, cafes and numerous catering places. It is worth mentioning that the tourism infrastructure has greatly improved recently and is not any different from European standards.
As far as accommodation is concerned these are mostly hotels, guest houses or Bed and Breakfasts services providing all standards. All of them are adapted to various needs of the guests. There are many tourist attractions in Mielno such as bungee-jumping for the brave and adventurous ones, you can hire a scooter or a quad, children can go to amusement park or you can view small street Zoos where you can enjoy a close-up of an elephant or a camel or ride a horse. There are numerous, well-equipped rehabilitation centres such as the most attractive one called Syrena (Siren) where children with various disabilities from all over Europe undergo rehabilitation treatment using a unique space suit.
At the Jamno lake you will find sailing haven called "Tramp". It is located at the 150-yard long pier. You can rent a canoe, pedal boats and yachts over there. You can also sail around the lake with the cruise boat "Mila".
The sport gym and indoor swimming pools are also ready for the tourists to be used when the weather is not so great. Walking the pedestrian lane in Kosciuszko street, situated in the centre of Mielno, you can take a breath of fresh air rich in iodine, typical for the seaside or you can cool down at a fountain.
If you get bored by all that you can go to the Europe's only Hyde Park where you can speak yourself. It is modelled on London's freedom of thought and expression manifest idea. There is also an alternative for those who like history-you can visit the medieval forest ranger village surrounded by a moat, or monumental church which is located by the pedestrian lane. The church dates back in the fifteenth century and it holds a unique medieval atmosphere.

As you can see Mielno has many qualities that will satisfy even the most demanding tourists. There are plenty attractions for those who like being lazy on their holiday and for those active ones as well.