Pictures of Ostrowo


Driving West of Jastrzebia Gora towards Karwia you can see Ostrowo on your left hand side.
This picturesque, nice, small Cashubian village is located on a little hill just behind Czarna Wda River in parallel to sea side. Such attractive location works in favour of quick tourism development in the area.
New guest houses and Bed and Breakfasts are appearing as well as restaurants, pubs and night life opportunities.
There are many tourist attractions. You can rent a kayak or a boat if you are willing to sail on Czarna Wda as well as water scooters and wind surfing boards if you prefer sea water.
On the land there are quads and bikes waiting for those who prefer more adventurous stay, so they can explore the surrounding land area.
Ostrowo is not missing anything that is necessary for having diversified and interesting time. Therefore, there are more and more tourists over there who prefer such opportunities in not so well-know, but more “atmospheric” location. Despite quick tourism development Ostrowo is still a true enclave of silence and peace. Wide, clean beach and the wonderful health beneficial micro climate are not the only advantages of this place. You can enjoy a delicious fish in restaurants, bars and fish bars and after the time on the beach you can go for a walk or a bike trip around the area to breath the fresh, health supportive air rich in iodine.
What is more, the area around Ostrowo is a part of Nadmorski Landscape Park, which gives a great opportunity for fauna and flora observation.
The 5 km long educational path, which goes through the Bielawa Reserve, starts by the Ostrowo forester. It is worth going there to see the beauty of seaside nature and animal species living there.
Another interesting fact is that two floral reserves are located in Bielawskie Blota near Ostrowo. They are called "Woskownica Bielawskiego Blota" and "Moroszka Bielawskiego Blota". There is a path serving educational and relaxation purposes which leads through those reserves. It was established by Nadmorski Landscape Park authorities.
For those who like fishing we recommend fishing grounds by Czarna Woda, still rich with plenty fish species.
On top of walks and sun baths tourist can use sport facilities designed for football, basketball or volleyball and for the youngest ones there is a playground on a separated area. There is also a possibility to use tennis courts.
As you can see, Ostrowo provides not only peace and relax among beautiful and picturesque nature, but you also have an opportunity for active holiday which will allow you to charge your batteries for the whole year.