If you ever considered visiting Poland, Poznan is definitely the place to see. Poznan is the capital of a traditional geographical region Wielkopolska as well as the capital for Wielkopolska District, one of the most economically developed regions in Poland.
It is the fifth biggest city in Poland with population reaching 600,000 citizens. The city has a good location in western part of Poland, nearly halfway between Warsaw, the capital of Poland and Berlin, the capital city of Germany. But it is not only the A2 motorway that connects Poznan with the rest of Western Europe.
Poznan has a modern international airport called "The Shoal", serving approximately one million passengers per year. One of the biggest Poznan attraction is the International Trade Fair. It organizes more than 40 trading events annually.
Poznan was one of the hosts for Euro 2012. The role was played very well, which Irish football fans can confirm. Their national team has played their games in Poznan during the tournament. The city and its people made huge impression on the Irish, who could celebrate the football festival in Irish Pub and plenty more great pubs and bars located in beautiful Old Town Market with traditional architecture.
When it comes to sport, it is not only football and Lech Poznan FC, that play a role in the city. Water Racing Track "Malta is the favourite place for recreation and relax in Poznan but is also an often host for all kind of championship in rowing and canoeing. But “Malta” is not only sport.
Annual Theatre Festival "Malta" is a venue for music, culture or art events on international scale. On top of that there are nine theatres, an opera, modern cinemas, a concert hall, nearly 100 pubs and music venues, dozens of restaurants, bars, pizzerias, cafes and numerous museums, including the National Museum and the unique Museum of Musical Instruments in Poznan.

So why Poznan?

It's simple. Because Poznan is a fantastic city! Poznan is open to the world, always happy to host a big event. Poznan's Gallery called “ Old Brewery” is a unique facility that combines commerce with art. It is one of the best European shopping malls in its class. You will particularly impressed by the Citadel Park. A huge green space situated in the middle of the city which is a popular place for everyday relax and culural events.

“The Must See List”

  • Municipal Stadium, and the Lech Poznan football team

  • Malta Lake Recreation Complex

  • Maltese Baths

  • Poznan Marathon

  • Poznan race track

  • The old and the new ZOO

  • Poznan Palm House

  • Poznan Castle

  • The Music Hall