Pictures of Sopot


Sopot is one of the most beautiful and most popular seaside SPAs in Poland visited by tourists.
The Forest Opera or the pier are characteristic Sopot places being not only local attractions but also well-known far beyond Poland.
Sopot, being the smallest part of the Tri-city, is inhabited by only 40,000 people. However, every year this wonderful SPA is visited by over 2 million tourists. The most visited attraction is the pier of John Paul II – the longest wooden pier in Baltic Sea. Today the pier attracts not only tourist but sailing enthusiasts as well.
In 2011 a modern marina has been erected with the capacity of 100 boat spaces. Opposite to the pier you can find a SPA square and Haffner Centre is located around it. It is a modern shopping and service centre open for the public in 2010. Its central point is the SPA House, built in a pre war style.
To the North of Haffner Centre we will find the famous Grand Hotel (today it is called Sofitel Grand Sopot). It was built in the 1920'ties for the Spielklub Zoppot Casino guests. During its hundred year history, Grand Hotel was the place where many famous politicians, businessmen and culture representatives had stayed. Charlesa de Gaulle, Marlena Dietrich, Fidel Castro, Reza Pahlawi or Vladmir Putin are just some of them.
To the South of the SPA House there is the Balneological Institute with the lighthouse.
Finally, to the west of the SPA House there is the most representative and the most known pedestrian lane in Sopot – Monte Casino Heroes Street. It is surrounded by restaurants and cafés. This is where the monument of „Parasolnik” is, as well as the Crooked House, which has been announced the most bizarre house in the world by Village of Joy service.
Many attractions are located outside the town centre. In the district called Sopot Gorny, among hills and trees the Forest Opera is situated.
This beautiful amphitheatre has been the venue for Sopot Festival since the 1960'ties. The most recognizable stars of Polish and world music, such as Czeslaw Niemen, Myslovitz, Whitney Houston, Boney M or Simply Red have performed there.
To the North of Sopot pier, in J.G. Haffner Street, there is Grodzisko – a medieval village which today serves as Archaeological Museum.
To the South of the pier, in Polish Army Avenue, there are three, beautiful, XIX century villas called Willa Basnera, Willa Claaszena and Willa Marszalka.
Sopot also tempts with rich sport and leisure offer. On the border between Sopot and Gdansk there is Ergo Arena which is one of most modern sport and event venues in Poland. There is also the Sopot Hippodrome where horse racing and various horse competitions are being organized. On top of that Tri-City Landscape Park is full of strolling tracks such as the roe track or the squirrel track.