Pictures of Swinoujscie


Swinoujscie is a seaside town located in the North-West part of Poland.
What is interesting, Swinoujscie is the capital town of the 44 Isles Land, an amazing place in the North-West Poland. It consists of several dozens of islands, three of which – the biggest ones, are inhabited.
Uznam Island covers the area of 424 km², but only a small part of 41 km² is Polish territory, the rest belongs to Germany.
Wolin Island is Polish biggest island with the total area of 265 km², where apart from Swinoujscie, are also towns of Miedzyzdroje, Wolin, Kamien Pomorski, Dziwnow.
The third biggest island is Karsibor with the area of 14 km². The island appeared as the effect of Piastowski Canal creation by cutting off a piece of Uznam Island on the distance of 7,5 km. Interesting geographical location is not the only advantage that attracts tourist to Swinoujscie. There are well maintained sandy beaches where you can fully relax and take sun baths.
There are also opportunities for more active visitors to rent out sport equipment such as windsurfing board, water scooter, bikes and quads. In addition, there are picturesque restaurants where you can have tasty, fresh fish which had just been caught.
The hospitality offer will be satisfying even for the most demanding visitors. Swinoujscie tourist attractions are also worth visiting. The town is a well- know and often visited SPA. You can also visit the Spring Park located not far from the town centre. This part of the town was built in the XIX century and it consists of antique and scenic guest houses, sanatoriums and hotels.
In order to experience the specific, dual Swinoujscie character, it is worth to see the significant town's monuments as a break from sea baths and enjoying delicious fish in a nearby restaurant.
The most recognizable one is the highest lighthouse in the Baltic Sea built in 1857 at the mouth of Swina River. It is one of world's tallest lighthouses with the total hight of 68 meters and the light reaching the distance of 25 sea miles which is 46 kilometres. It also works as a beacon. There is a small museum inside, where, apart from the 4200W, bulb you can see a diver's uniform weighing 70 kg with shoes of 12 kg each. You can get to the lighthouse with a trip boat or with a bus from the railway station.
Islands, landscape diversity, surrounding nature, location on the German border, well developed tourist infrastructure, attractive hospitality offer will make the stay in Swinoujscie unusual and unforgettable, regardless the weather conditions. You can not get bored in Swinoujscie. A single visit is not enough to familiarize with the town fully, but enough to fall in love with it and keep on returning to this place.