Szamotuly is a town situated in the Lake District Wielkopolski, in the basin of the lower section of the Warta river, on either side of river Sama, 35 km north west of Poznan, the capital of Wielkopolska.
The city is sourrouded by low hills, creating a distinctive post-glacial landscape.
Location promote the economic development of the city and the commune, as well as the tourist movement.
In Szamotuly intersect important transport routes linking neighbouring centers: Poznan, Czarnkow, Oborniki Pniewy and Wronki.
International routes lead through Szamotuly as well, you can get to Berlin through Frankfurt Oder using A2 motorway, and a railway line Poznan - Szczecin.
Szamotuly have 18 480 inhabitants, and the commune 9 686 (total: 28 166 - as of February 2007). Town is the hub of economic, administrative, cultural and educational center in the region.
Szamotuly possess valuable relics, rich base sports and recreation, and many green areas.
All these qualities make it both town and village are attractive destination for tourists from home and abroad.