Szczecin is the biggest city in the region. Its population exceeds 400,000 people.
It is situated by the sea side in the north, although the distance between the city and the sea is quite big.
It has great connection with other places in Poland, but due to its location by the German border it is very easy to visit two countries at the same time.
The airport in Szczecin offers flights to many destinations such as London, Liverpool, Bristol, Edinburgh or Dublin. From Szczecin you can easily get to other small towns situated directly by the sea, which makes Szczecin worth going in the summer.

So why Szczecin?

Szczecin is a city of monuments, vast panoramas, and green outdoor spaces. The city is surrounded by vast forests offering plenty relax after a tiring day. The city is sometimes called "Paris of the North" because of its nineteenth-century urban style is modelled on the French capital.
The Old Town In is full of squares, markets and avenues where you can stop during the tour and dine in one of many restaurants or buy some souvenirs. Szczecin due to its location is the city of events and multicultural exchange. It has great pubs and clubs offering good fun regardless the age or music taste. It is one of the oldest Polish cities, so you can find there buildings from many different periods of time.
Every year the attractiveness of the city attracts many history and architecture enthusiasts.
The biggest museum in the city is the National Museum in Szczecin. It is a museum with multiple collections of archaeology, art and many other historical exhibits.
Szczecin is also called the theatre city. There are six theatres, the music hall and the Opera. During summer time you can also enjoy the open air theatre. Szczecin is a tourist place so the sport offer is extensive as well.
If you decide to go over there be ready for sailing, gliding, parachuting or paragliding.
Szczecin is a place that has something to offer to everyone, where you can not get bored at any stage of your stay.

“The Must See List”

  • The sea harbour

  • The Old Town with all the attractions

  • The National Museum in Szczecin

  • The Castle

  • Lakes and forests surrounding the city

  • City Walls

  • Gothic architecture