Pictures of Ustka


Ustka is a seaside resort, located in the central part of Polish coast surrounded by unique landscape at the mouth of the river Slupia.
It is located 100 miles west of the capital region - Gdansk and about 14 miles north of Slupsk.
The town is surrounded by forests, meadows, and coastal dunes.
Due to its location, this place is under direct influence of healing, rich in iodine, sea air. This area has specific, health beneficial micro climate which is combination of iodine and the black pine resin with sea breezes supporting natural inhalation.
Such micro climate does not appear anywhere else in Poland. The seaside location, clean air, forests, rich mud sources and salty springs are qualities that have helped Ustka to become the official health resort in 1987.
The high level of tourist services and the Ustka sanatorium, as well as significant number of sunny days during the year with many summer events, make Ustka a popular resort for holiday combining leisure with health support.
It is well known for entrainment and activity offer which makes it a popular destination for thousands of tourists every year including whole families and tourist of all sorts.
Ustka is not only famous for its spa qualities, but also because of the highly developed fishing port, fish processing, and the old dockyard. It is famous for Baltic salmon, one of which appears in Ustka's arms, for other fish like cod, smoked sprats, fried flounder and pickled herring. Most of them can be bought directly from fishermen or you can enjoy a delicious fresh fish in one of many restaurants located around the beach.
In the former dockyard fishing boats used to be constructed. They were exported even to distant Vietnam.
Old granaries in the harbour is the testimony that Ustka used to be famous maritime trade centre.
Today you can jump on a cruise ship and explore the coast or go fishing.
Other Ustka's attractions are sandy, clean beaches that stretch on both sides of the harbour channel on the distance of around 1.5 mile along the shoreline. It is one of a few coast places in Poland, where you can see the amazing work of nature such as the cliffs being constantly washed away by sea storms.
It should be also mentioned that this is the most sunny town in Polish Baltic Sea coast.
For those who are looking for physical activity there is plenty entertainment options as well. Hiking, Bicycle tracks, canoeing, spas, sailing, surfing, diving into the depths of the Baltic Sea are definitely fantastic summer attractions.
It is also worth mentioning that the town lives 24 hours a day thanks to events, concerts on the beach promenade, festivals and competitions, which will never be seen anywhere else. On top of that, there are summer gardens, cafes and restaurants for pleasant, blissful relax after a lazy day on the beach.
At night be ready for dusk-to-dawn party in pubs and discos to prepare yourself for another beautiful day. This is the quintessence of the resort.