Central Region

This region includes Lodzkie and Mazowieckie Province.
The first of them is located in Lodz Upland in its major part.
The biggest cities there are Lodz, Piotrkow Trybunalski Pabianice and Tomaszow Mazowiecki.
Natural environment enthusiasts will find seven nature parks there: Zaleczanski, Przedborski, Sulejowski, Spalski, Bolimowski, Warta and Widawka park, Lodz Hills and 89 nature reserves.
Prehistory fans should see archaeological artefacts in Skaratki. Why?
Due to the fact that the oldest traces of human presence in this region have been found there.
It is worth mentioning that in this village mammoth bones dating back 54 thousand years were found. Probably only few people also know that in this region (Janislawice village) a Mesolithic hunter’s grave was discovered. It dates back over 9 thousands years.
But this is not all yet as long as prehistory is concerned. Its fans can see here a lot more, including: tumulus cemeteries, prince cremation and skeletal tumulus, Neolithic and pre-Slavic villages, or an Iron Age village of Roman influences in Toporow.
A good idea to admire the landscape of Lodz province are observatory spots such as Kamienska Hill, Cool Fish Hill, Castle towers in Boleslawiec and Leczyca or the Old Moskule Hill.

The second province of the region, Mazowieckie, is located in the Central Lowlands, covering in small part also the Eastbaltic- Belarusian Lowlands and Polish Uplands.
The biggest cities are Warsaw, Radom, Plock and Siedlce.
Nature lovers should note that in the old valley of the Vistula River, Kampinoski National Park is located as well 9 other landscape parks: Bolimowski, Brudzenski, Chojnowski, Gostyninsko-Wloclawski, Gorzniensko-Lidzbarski, Kozienicki, Mazowiecki, Nadbuzanski, the Bug River Podlaski Park and 171 nature reserves.
People who in this region are looking for the places associated with famous Poles should visit such places as Brochow, Czerwinsk upon Vistula or Zelazowa Wola.
Hiking enthusiasts can enjoy walking trips on over 1700 miles long routes in the Mazowieckie Province.