Eastern Region

The region covers four Provinces: Podlaskie, Lubelskie, Swietokrzyskie and Podkarpackie.
On the territory of Podlaskie are four national parks, Bialowieski National Park - the oldest in Poland, Biebrzanski, Wigierski, Narwianski National Park, but also 3 landscape parks and 85 nature reserves.
The biggest cities are Bialystok, Suwalki, Lomza and Augustow.
There are 62 tracks for hiking enthusiasts of the total length of nearly 1300 miles. Suwalszczyzna in Podlaskie is a great place for hiking, skiing cycling and canoeing for those who like being active.
Lubelskie province covers the area of several lowlands.
The biggest cities are Biala Podlaska, Chelm, Lublin and Zamosc.
Tourism wise the most popular and interesting places are Roztocze, Solska and Janowskie forests, Kazimierski Landscape Park and Poleski National Park with its swamps and lakes.
People whose passion is to explore the ruins of castles will have the opportunity to see some of them, including the ones in Ochotnica, Jakubowice Murowane, Kazimierz Dolny and Zawieprzyce.
Hikers can to choose from 42 routes of the total length of nearly 900 miles.

Swietokrzyskie Province covers Kielecka Upland, Nida River and a part of Przyborska Upland.
The biggest cities are Kielce, Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, Starachowice and Skarzysko Kamienna.
This region is known primarily for the oldest mountain range in Poland – Swietokrzyskie Mountains and the local peak Lysa Gora, which probably used to be the centre of Slavic religious worship in the Middle Ages.
Nature lovers should visit Swietokrzyski National Park and 9 other landscape parks, as well as 11 landscape areas under protection and 67 nature reserves. Lowlands, uplands, mountains, valleys and vast forests determine the attractiveness of the region.
Lovers of hiking can choose from 32 lowland and mountain routes of the total length of over 930 miles.

Podkarpackie Province covers the central part of the Carpathian region, the western part of the Western Carpathians, a small part of Eastern Carpathians and some of Roztocze territory.
The largest towns are: Rzeszow, Stalowa Wola, Przemyśl and Mielec.
Tourists appreciate the Central Beskidy Mountains.
Castle and palace enthusiasts will definitely find delighting places like Baranow Sandomierski Castle, Castle in Lancut, Royal Castle in Sanok. It should be also said that this region's most valuable art collection and the great baronial mansion are located in Lancut.
On the Province territory there is also the Bieszczadzki National Park and part of the Magurski National Park.
Hiking enthusiasts can choose from 13 routes of the total length of over 270 miles.