Northern Region

This region includes three Provinces. Pomeranian, Warmia and Mazury and Cuiavian Pomeranian.
The biggest Pomeranian cities are Gdańsk, Gdynia, Slupsk and Tczew. Nature lovers should head to the Slowinski National Park, Tuchola Forests, the Maritime National Park or Biosphere Reserve in Tuchola.
Other tourist magnets are the Baltic beaches, Hel Peninsula and the Vistula River Zulawy.
Fans of hiking can choose from 56 routes of the total length of over 1300 miles. The Warmia and Mazury Province biggest cities are Olsztyn, Elblag, Elk and Ostroda. There are 8 natural parks: Brodnicki, Gorzniensko-Lidzbarski, Welski, Ilawa Lake Park, Romincka Forest, Dylewskie Hills, Elblag Upland and 110 nature reserves.
The forests, lakes and Gothic architecture are the biggest attraction here. Hiking enthusiasts can choose from 37 routes of the total length of over 930 miles.
In the Cuiavian Pomeranian Province the biggest cities are Bydgoszcz, Torun, Grudziadz and Inowroclaw. There are eight parks: Brodnicki, Gostyninsko-Wloclawski, Gorzniensko-Lidzbarski, Krajenski, Nadgoplanski Millennium Park, Tucholski, Wdecki, Chełminski and Nadwislanski landscape park as well as 94 nature reserves.
From a tourism point of view, the places that you definitely need to see are the reconstructed settlement of the Lusatian culture - Biskupin, the Old and the New Town of Torun listed by UNESCO and Chelmno town which preserved almost in its thirteenth century shape.
People who are interested in the Crusader Knights and castles erected by them, should visit Golub, Radzyn Chełminski, Bierzglowie and Papowo Biskupie. Architecture lovers should add to their list the Old Town Hall in Torun, monasteries in Mogilno, Kruszwica and Strzelno. You should also think about visiting cultural parks: Wietrzychowice, Kalwaria Pakoska, The Church in Płonkow and Sarnowo town.
Fans of hiking have plenty choice of 114 lowland trails of the total length of nearly 1900 miles.