South Westhern Region

This region consists of two Provinces. The Lower Silesia and Opolskie.
In the first one the largest cities are Wroclaw, Walbrzych, Legnica and Jelenia Gora. There are Karkonoski National Park, Gory Stolowe National Park, 12 landscape parks and 67 nature reserves.
A popular tourist attraction is the biggest city in the region - Wrocław.
The local Centennial Hall is registered in UNESCO heritage list. Visiting Wroclaw you need to remember that the oldest and the largest Zoo in Poland is located there. It needs to be said that this is one of the richest regions in Poland in terms of monuments.
Travelling around the region you should go to the Jelenia Gora Valley where a lot of castles and palaces are located. Main attractions include The Prince Castle in Walbrzych or the fantastic Wang temple in Karpacz.
You also can not skip two Churches of Peace in Swidnica and Jawor which have been listed by UNESCO.
There is also a popular Bear Cave located in the Sniezka Mountain area, which should not be overlooked either. The good idea to explore the Lower Silesia region are walking trips with its popular routes, including the Piast Castles Route, Wroclaw History and Tradition Route, Cistercian Route, The Palace Valley Route, Jelenia Góra Valley Gardens, St. James Lower Silesia Road, St. James Sudety Road and the Main Sudety Track.
The lovers of hiking can choose from 34 routes of the total length of over 570 miles.

A large part of Opolskie Province is situated in the Silesian Lowland. The biggest cities are Opole, Kędzierzyn-Kozle, Nysa and Brzeg. There are four parks: Stobrawski, St. Anne Mountain, Opawa Mountains, Zaleczanski and 34 nature reserves.
Lovers of architecture, especially wooden churches, will have plenty opportunities to enjoy such sights. It is also worth mentioning that Bory Stobrawskie is the largest forest complex in Opolskie Province.
Hiking enthusiasts can choose from 22 routes of a total length of over 300 miles.