Southern Region

This region covers two provinces. Upper Silesia and Malopolska.
On the territory of the Upper Silesia Province are the Silesian Lowland, Silesian – Cracow Upland, Valley of Oswiecim and the Beskidy Mountains.
The biggest cities are Katowice, Częstochowa and Sosnowiec.
Those who think, that the most industrialized region of Poland does not have anything interesting to offer to travellers, is wrong. A popular destination point is Beskid Slaski. The well-known tourist bases are Szczyrk, Istebna, Wisla and Ustron.
It is surprising how many lakes can be found there, especially artificial ones like Pogoria Lake in Dabrowa Gornicza.
Upper Silesia is also the territory for Jura Karakowsko - Czestochowska, where enthusiasts of hiking, climbing or cave exploring will have a lot of fun.
In Dabrowa Gornicza, on the border between the Silesian and Olkuska Upland, we can see the western part of the Bledowska Desert. History and art lovers will have a chance to discover many castles over there, in cities of Bielsko-Biala, Bedzin, Lubliniec or Podzamcze and the Piast Castles in Gliwice and Rybnik.

The good idea for this area exploration can be a walking trip following the Piast castles track, called Eagles Nests. People, whose passion is visiting old cities, should go to Rybnik, Pszczyna, Gliwice, Lubliniec, Cieszyn, Zory, Wodzislaw, Bielsko-Biala and Czestochowa. The last of them, which is one of the main religious centers in Poland, holds the monastery of Jasna Gora.
It is also worth going to the Old Museum in Pszczyna Castle surronded by the bison reserve.
Following Wooden Architecture and Technical Monuments Track is also a way to explore the Upper Silesia Province. Fans of hiking have 101 routes of the total length of over 700 miles.

The territory of the second province, Malopolska, covers a part of the Western Carpathians and the Malopolska Upland. The biggest cities are Krakow, Tarnow and Nowy Sacz. The region is a popular destination for Polish and foreign tourists.
What makes this region so attractive? Krakow, Salt Mine in Wieliczka, Auschwitz-Birkenau nazi camps, the Tatry Mountains and Zakopane are definitely the strongest tourist magnets. But that's not all. Malopolska is also the Ojcowski National Park, Jurassic Landscape Parks, Pradnik valley and plenty other picturesque valleys. In addition, there are religious cult centres, such as the monastery in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska. Nature lovers can enjoy the beauty of 6 national parks and 11 landscape parks. Hiking fans will have the choice of 60 routes of the total length of over 650 miles.