Travelling around Poland by Bus

If you do not want to use the railway service when you are in Poland, you have another choice. Buses.
This is also a good service and a way of transport between cities, towns and villages.
PKS, Polish bus service, offers often and reliable connection between major cities and surrounding area. If you are staying in a big city and wish to explore the region, you may use the bus service.
The tickets are purchased either on the stations or in the buses with the driver, but we recommend buying it beforehand, since not every carrier offers the tickets in the cabin.
Local area buses will most likely do so. If you plan a longer journey, the tickets might be available only at the desk.
You can also travel with bikes and luggage, since normally there is a large baggage space, so if you wish to explore a near-by national park on a bike, it might be a good idea to get there first with the bus.
In Poland all carriers are united under PKS brand, however each city has a carrier of their own, so it will depend on the operator what the price will be, the journey time, number of stops, student discounts, luggage facilities, bus size and many other factors.
Mini bus service is also very popular in Poland, but you will not find it where PKS is. Normally they operate around railway stations. They provide the same sort of service, but usually the vehicle is small, capable of taking only up to 16 people on board.
The offer of such companies is very wide and you may find few of them in each bigger city, providing transportation services to local towns and villages around as well as long distance routes.
They are very popular among commuters, so normally they are rather crowded. There is usually no room for bikes or large luggage, but they are quicker than regular buses.
Also you can buy the ticket for the desired route only with the driver. Such mini bus is recommended if you wish to get to places where no shuttle buses, nor trains go.
Their advantage is the frequency of service. They can take less people on board, but they will offer several services during a day.
Due to the fact that tickets are bought with the driver and people are jumping in and out on every stop, they are likely to be late sometimes. If you need to get anywhere for specific time it is safer to choose a different carrier.