Travelling around Poland by Car

Car rental

Travelling around Poland by car seems to be the best idea in terms of ability to fully enjoy the country.
Poland is a very attractive country. The sea in the North, mountains in the South, lakes all around the country as well.
If you wish to explore it fully, car is the best way to do it. It gives you flexibility and freedom in moving around.
If you decided to go to Poland with your own car, you already have the transportation.
If you chose different means of transport, you can rent a car from one of many companies. Car Rentals are located predominantly in the major cities and are usually open all the time. Most are located around the airports, so if you decided to fly to Poland you can rent it straight away or book it in advance along with with the flight.
Car selection is usually very wide.
The differences between the models and the prices are noticeable. Connoisseurs of luxury sports cars will also find something for themselves.
For your comfort Network Car Rentals offer the opportunity to return the car in the company's branch in another city. This way you can schedule a convenient and interesting tour around Poland.
Before you rent a car, you need to remember about the following:
- The driver is the only person who is indicated on the rental agreement.
- You have to be prepared to pay a refundable deposit, which ranges from 300 to 600 GBP.
- Car rental prices range from 30 to 100 GBP per day, depending on the brand.

Please have a look on the major car rental companies. Some of them are widely know around the continent, so the same, or similar rental rules will apply:

Regardless if you rent a car or drive with your own, you have to be ready for refuelling.
The petrol is about 1 GBP per litre in Poland. Diesel is slightly cheaper, but if you drive or rent a LPG car, auto gas will cost you only about 50p per litre.
Of course auto gas is less calorific, but still the price is very tempting.
Poland is the country in Europe with the biggest number of LPG cars.

Petrol Stations

You do not have to be worried about petrol in Poland. There are plenty petrol stations wherever you go.
Many of them are well-known European brands. Petrol stations are usually open 24 hours a day every day of the week. In addition to selling fuel, they offer wide range of other services including snack bars, shops, car wash service, vacuum service and toilets.
Besides, Polish companies such as Orlen or Lotos run their own stations offering great service and high quality fuels.
Tourists, who choose to be in a places away from the main roads, should refuel before they go off main tracks, because most of the stations in small towns are not always open 24 hours a day.

Road Assistance

In case of emergency, road assistance works very well in Poland.
If necessary, it is best to call 9637. This is the general number for road emergency. Of course you can use any other, since there are plenty companies offering such service.
Just google them online, write the numbers down and you can be certain that if you need any help, it will arrive.
Such companies provide road assistance in the full range of transport of the damaged car on special platforms, by taking it to the vehicle inspection station or a car workshop of your choice.
Normally you can expect help within an hour after your call, it will of course depend on your current location. The price of such service will also be determined by the location and the number of miles the assistance will be provided for.
The network of authorized service and car workshops in Poland is very well developed.. Information on road assistance can also be obtained from

Road signs indicating tourist attractions

Tourists visiting Poland on their own should pay special attention to the white and brown road signs indicating the most interesting tourist sites in the country.
White and brown signs placed at strategic points around the cities and interesting places inform drivers about architectural monuments, national parks, religious places etc.
For each of them, in addition to information about the name of the place and the distance to it, the silhouette of individual objects appear.

Useful tips and information

This section covers the most important information about driving in Poland.
Polish law is very strict, so make sure you do not break it, since the consequences may be more severe than you are used to.
First of all, all travellers are required have their seat belts fatsened - both passengers sitting in the front and in the back. You need to drive with your lights on all the time, all year long. This is for yours and other road users safety.
When driving a car, you can use a mobile phone only with a hands-free kit. If you are travelling by car, you have to make sure you park in approved facility, and whether you are required to pay the parking fees. In most cities there are parking meters.
Driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly forbidden in Poland. If you do so, you will be be given a high fine and you may even loose your driving license. But do not worry. Who would drive a car under the influence of alcohol.

Required documents and car equipment:

- ID card (passport)
- International Driving License
- Vehicle registration card with the MOT
- Liability Insurance

All vehicles must be equipped with a fire extinguisher and a warning triangle. In addition, the car should have a first aid kit. It is also recommended to drive with a spare wheel in your trunk.
If you have rented a car, remember that there are no miles in Poland. According to metric system everything is stated in meters or kilometres. That is how the speed will be show in the car as well.

1 km = 0.62 mile
10 km = 6.2 mile
100 km = 62 miles

Speed Limits:

Built-up area - up to 50 km/h
Outside built - up to 90 km/h
Residential zone - up to 30 km h
Dual carriageway - up to 110 km/h
Single carriageway - up to 100 km/h
Highway - up to 140 km/h

Approximate road distances between major Polish cities:

Warsaw - Krakow 323 km
Warsaw - Lodz 137 km
Warsaw - Wroclaw 399 km
Warsaw - Poznan 312 km
Warsaw - Gdansk 390 km
Warsaw - Szczecin 544 km
Warsaw - Bialystok 181 km
Krakow - Wroclaw 240 km
Wroclaw - Poznan 178 km
Poznan - Gdansk 306 km
Lodz - Poznan 231 km
Lodz - Wroclaw 224 km
Lodz - Krakow 229 km