Travelling around Poland by Train

If you decided to visit Poland for a tour, trains are also a good idea to do it.
Before you jump on one though, you need to be aware that Polish Railway has been under reconstruction.
The trains are not the quality you may be used to.
The service itself is good, reliable on time, offering plenty routes around the country, so you will get pretty much anywhere with a train.
The trains as such are rather old and sometimes neglected. This situation is being improved all the time, but it is possible that if you choose a less popular route you may experience a carriage far from ideal.
It does not change the fact though, that trains are the most popular means of transport in Poland. They are rather cheap. You can buy tickets either on the station or pre-book it online at
The general rule for travelling around Poland by train is that the longer the route is, the cheaper the ticket will be. So if you are travelling, let's say from Warsaw to Wroclaw and back, it is best to buy the return ticket. It will be a better deal than if you were buying a ticket each way.
In addition, if you have a student card, you will be given a discount on the ticket price.
You need to present the card when buying the ticket. You have to keep the ticket. It may be checked even several times during your trip.
Due to the reconstruction, we have already mentioned in the beginning, it is possible that the train you are currently on, will be operated by several companies. Therefore it is important that you keep the ticket for the whole journey. Sometimes the same route will be covered by 3 operators, so it is worth checking the prices before you purchase the ticket.
There are different classes of trains in Poland. In better class trains, which are also more expensive, you can purchase snacks and drinks.
Some trains are also adjusted for bicycle carriage. You need to buy a ticket for the bike and advise the ticket collector about the fact. He will point you to the compartment where you can put your bike.
It is also possible to travel with pets. You, as a tourist, will probably travel without one, but you may be sitting in a compartment with people travelling with dogs or cats. It is not a common thing though.