Moving around Polish cities with public transport

City Buses and Trams
Every Polish city with population exceeding 50.000 people will offer public bus service around the city and nearby villages.
Please remember that the population number is not a rule. It is just a guideline for tourists to know what to expect.
Small towns do not offer such service, purely because they are not big enough to need public transport.
Trams are present only in the biggest Polish cities including Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Szczecin.
Some cities ( Warsaw, The TriCity of Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot) will also offer a city train service which works just like tram, but to use it, you need to get to the railway station.
Tickets for such services depend on the city you are in, but normally you can purchase a card authorizing you to use all of them within the card time validity.
Those services are very popular and reliable.
The city which is said to have the best public transport in Poland is Poznan.
Few cities (Lublin is the best example) will also operate trolley buses. These are mixtures of buses and trams, driving on the road but powered with electrical traction from the top.
There are not many of them left, so if you are visiting Lublin, make sure you have a ride with one.

You can be certain to find taxi service in every bigger town and every city in Poland.
There are plenty taxi companies competing with each other, so you will definitely be recommended one when you there.
It is best to order one over the phone for the particular address and time. Prices may vary. They will depend on the city, company, time of day (night service is more expensive) and public holiday (also more expensive such days).
Usually they will start with around 1 GBP and around 50p per kilometre, but this is not the general rule. You can find out how much the service is on the side window of a taxi or ask a driver before you jump in one.
Make sure, that if you are taking a taxi from the airport or the railway station you chose a network one.
They will be marked with the company's name and telephone number on the roof.