Travelling to Poland by Car

Travelling to Poland by car is a good idea. It gives you freedom and flexibility with your own transport. You need to remember though about few things.
Such journey involves travelling through several countries and there might be some differences in driving.
First of all remember, that the moment you leave the UK you will have to drive on the right hand side of the road. Be very careful.

After arriving to France, be aware not only of the change in direction to the right hand, but also the fact that it is legally required to have some vehicle accessories.
Here are the things you should have:
* Vest colored bright yellow, orange or red (it has to be carried in the cabin),
* Warning triangle,
* Spare set of bulbs,
* Tire chains if you are driving through mountainous areas,
*Anti-theft protection, such as the lock on the steering wheel.
In addition, it is also recommended to have winter tires (not in the summer though), first aid kit and use the headlights for 24 hours a day

The next country is Belgium. Here, the law is more liberal, and requires the driver to have only:
* Vest colored bright yellow, orange or red,
* Warning triangle.
Belgian law also recommends to have a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and winter tires (not in the summer though).
Headlights must be on only at night, but of course it is recommended to use them throughout the day, especially in winter, when visibility may be very limited.

In the Netherlands the only required piece of equipment for the vehicle is a warning triangle. It is recommended that you also have first aid kit, a spare set of bulbs and a fire extinguisher.

Germany is known for their restrictive legislation. It is required, that any vehicle passing through their territory held:
* Vest colored bright yellow, orange or red,
* Warning triangle,
* Winter tires, Tire chains ( winter, mountains)
It is recommended to have: Rubber gloves, Spare set of bulbs, Fire extinguisher.
Headlights on during the day is compulsory only in the case of poor visibility.

Congratulations, you managed to get to Poland!
Traveling across Europe caused that the complete equipment that you should have with you is already in your car. Just remember to drive with your headlights on all the time. If you forget about it, you will be fined by the Police.