Travelling to Poland by Ship

Travelling to Poland by sea is not possible with commercial carriers, but you can still get there with a charter.
Poland has access to Baltic Sea in the north, so if you are travelling around Scandinavia you can easily get to Polish harbours from there.
Especially from Denmark and Sweden. It is a very popular connection in the summer, offering many attractions on board.
The whole sea journey from Scandinavia to Poland is very enjoyable, so it is definitely worth taking it when you are in Scandinavia.
There are several companies offering such service.
The easiest thing to do is to google them and book the ferry ticket for the desired date.
You can choose from simple transportation services to few day cruises on the Baltic Sea.
That is why summer time is the best part of the year to do it.
The most popular cities in Poland offering regular connection with Scandinavia are Gdansk and Swinoujscie, north of Szczecin.
The other option is to take the ferry in Newcastle going to Amsterdam and continue your travel by car from there. The road form Amsterdam to Poland is rather quick and easy.
The road journey should take about 10 hours, maybe less, and it takes you through Germany to Polish border in the west.